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Thrive Family Practice is a patient-centred medical practice that provides optimum care for the whole family, from new-born to teenager to parent to grandparent. We follow a holistic approach to healthcare and believe that treatment should be individualised to meet each patient’s specific needs.


​Our ethos is one of care and as such, we strive to build trusting, empathetic and committed relationships with our patients.

We are not only doctors, but also mothers, athletes and active members of the North Coast community. This gives us the advantage of local knowledge and well-established referral networks that enable us to provide our patients with optimal management.

Our focus is on preventing illness as much as treating it. At Thrive Family Practice we are committed to helping you

live your best life.




Dr. Rosie Carey

MB. Ch.B (UCT) Dip Fam Med (US)

Dr. Rosie Carey is passionate about preventative medicine and patient-based care. She focuses on personalized lifestyle medicine and believes that an open, trusting relationship between patient and healthcare giver is imperative to optimal medical management. Dr. Rosie takes a special interest in women’s health and sports medicine.

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Dr. Philippa Williams

MB. Ch.B (Pret)


Dr. Philippa practices the patient-centered, mindful medicine that is important to her as well as building lasting relationships with the families. Her special interests are paediatrics where she gained previous experience in Children's Wards and Neonatal ICU, aesthetics, functional medicine and weight loss.

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General Family Practice

We treat all conditions traditionally managed by your family practitioner.

We are passionate about the ‘family’ aspect of family medicine and one of the things we enjoy most is seeing members of the same family that span three or more generations. We believe that knowing patients in the context of their family enables us to provide more holistic and supportive care. 

Women's Health

We believe that women understand women! We have a special interest in women’s health and would love to walk the path from your first period to your last, with you. Let us help you to manage gently and effectively the hormonal and emotional changes and transitions that accompany menarche, pregnancy and menopause. Our services include breast examinations and PAP smears.

Sports Medicine

Dr Rosie Carey is an endurance runner and mountain biker and has a special interest in sports medicine. She has a personalised approach to each athlete’s needs and customises treatment according to their individual training plans. Let her optimise your performance and minimise your injuries by assessing all aspects of your life. All management is WADA compliant.

Personalised Lifestyle Medical Management

We believe that two major contributing factors to ill health are poor lifestyle choices and stress. Most chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome and chronic fatigue can be prevented with aggressive, early lifestyle interventions. Let us help you manage and change your lifestyle to prevent illness and optimise health.


We are comfortable managing childhood and adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in conjunction with allied medical professionals.

Intravenous Vitamins

Intravenous vitamin therapy is effective in boosting your immune system, giving you energy during times of stress or high-volume training and helping to combat chronic fatigue. Our basic drip consists of a range of vitamins and minerals, to which we can add extra supplements depending on your specific requirements.


We believe that being mothers as well as doctors gives us special insight into how to relate to children (and worried parents!). Our practice has a policy of creating an environment that is as unclinical as possible so that children feel comfortable and at ease during their consultation.

Functional & Integrative Medicine

We believe that allopathic medicine is not the only way to treat and manage disease and that there are many natural ways to support the body’s ability to heal itself and maintain good health. We respect that not all of our patients want to be put onto conventional drug therapy and we offer alternatives for them to explore.

Genetic Testing

Dr Philippa is a qualified Geneway practitioner. Geneway offers a complete range of genetic tests which will help you to learn more about your unique genetic makeup and how you can adapt your lifestyle, diet and environment to ensure that you are living your best life. 

The tailored range of DNA tests will give our patients the ability to make small (or even big) changes to their diets, exercise regimes or medications in order to give their bodies exactly what they need to thrive.

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“Look inside yourself... Everything that you want,

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~ Rumi

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